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Solo Show: Raf Reyes, at Vendôme Saint-Honoré

VSH Vendome Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris, France

Sep 01 - Sep 01, 2021

By appointment only

Solo Show: Raf Reyes, at Vendôme Saint-Honoré

Raf Reyes started as a self-taught artist. He met his first success on social networks, where he still broadcasts his creations and messages today. Photographer and digital creator, the uniqueness of Raf's art lies in his permanent search for innovation, and his rejection of rules. Press plates, collages, photos, paintings, quotations, are all characteristic elements of his digital compositions. Raf overturns notions of rigidity, conventional artistic norms, and explores emerging trends in digital art. Pushing back the limits of his digital mastery, Raf Reyes undoubtedly elevates digital art to the same level as traditional art forms. 

Raf Reyes is also a committed artist: his work is the manifesto of his temperament as a man of action, and makes him a resolutely contemporary artist. Raf Reyes is a master storyteller. His works always tell stories in which his own reflection on art, his overflowing imagination and the essence of the works he diverts, all merge together. 

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