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Palais Ghica Victoria Residency

Bucharest, Romania

Providing an inspiring setting in the heart of Bucharest, the Palais Ghica Victoria Residency presents an exclusive environment for emerging artists to stimulate their artistic vision, leverage Romania's cultural landscape, and unleash the full extent of their creative potential.

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Perpetuating Visionary Creativity Amidst Historic and Architectural Grandeur

Building upon Romania's Cultural Heritage


Built in 1884 by Elena and Constantin Gradisteanu, the Ghica-Victoria Palace boasts eclectic Renaissance-inspired architecture. Extensively restored in 1895-1898 and later in 1996-1997 by Adina Dinescu, it stands as a testament to Romania's rich history. Centrally located, the palace is surrounded by historical landmarks like Casa Vernescu and the "George Enescu" National Museum. The Ghica family's aristocratic legacy brings great historical significance to this unique landmark.


Today, Palais Ghica Victoria and Darmo Art have turned this iconic palace into an artist residency to welcome artists and present their work to a broad audience, elevating its status as a cultural gem in Romania.


The Palais Ghica Victoria Residency beckons artists from diverse backgrounds, offering a space that fulfils creative aspirations and accommodates bold artistic endeavours.

Palais Ghica Victoria's vibrant array of events, coupled with Damo's strategic partnerships and active community, provides artists with a distinctive setting where they can thrive, connect, and fully capitalise on Romania's cultural landscape.



Palais Ghica Victoria's program is flexible throughout the year and encourages artists to submit their profile and project proposal.

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Associate your brand with a globally recognized program, gaining exposure to a diverse audience of art enthusiasts, professionals, and influencers. Demonstrate your commitment to the arts and cultural development, aligning your company with values that resonate with your stakeholders. Forge valuable connections within the arts community, creating synergies with fellow sponsors, artists, and influencers.
Make a direct impact by providing financial backing to sustain and enhance our artist residency. Explore bespoke sponsorship packages designed to meet your marketing goals, offering unique branding opportunities and exclusive benefits. Showcase your expertise or services by contributing in-kind resources that elevate the overall residency experience.

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Be part of a community that values and champions the transformative power of art, creating ripples of inspiration and innovation. Your financial support enables us to provide artists with a conducive environment, resources, and opportunities for profound creative exploration. By supporting our residency, you contribute to a global network of artists, fostering cross-cultural exchange and enriching the artistic landscape. 
Enjoy VIP access to residency events, exhibitions, and special programs. Connect with a community of artists, influencers, our community and fellow supporters passionate about the arts.

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