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Bastide du Roy Residency

Antibes, France

Residency & Event: May

Exhibition: July

In an iconic setting on the French Riviera, La Bastide du Roy in Antibes, Darmo Art presents an exclusive artist residency experience. Nestled in the heart of the Côte d'Azur, this unique program coincides with the Cannes Film Festival, ensuring unparalleled visibility and networking opportunities for emerging artists.

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Inspiring Creative Excellence Through the Ages

The Institution of Reference in Artistic Legacy


La Bastide du Roy's rich history spans centuries, beginning with its gift to Henri IV in 1608. Over the years, it changed hands and was later acquired by fashion icon Jeanne Lanvin in 1924. Lanvin, with the help of Versailles gardener JCN de Forestier, transformed the estate with gardens that hosted luminaries like Francis Poulenc and Jean Cocteau.

In 1971, the estate saw a musical interlude when Mick Jagger and Bianca Jagger rented it for the summer, recording the Rolling Stones' "Exile on Main Street." The renowned sculptor César and Parisian antique dealer Jean Gismondi later made La Bastide du Roy their residence. Today, the Bastide du Roy and Darmo Art are building on this legacy to write the next chapter of the property's history.

Situated in the heart of the French Riviera, La Bastide du Roy's meditative and idyllic environment has welcomed some of the most iconic artists of the last centuries. 

 The Bastide du Roy residency opens doors to a multitude of prospects for an artist's professional growth through our events, collaborations, and interactions with our community and partners.

The Program

Residency & Event: Late April - May

Period: 4/5 weeks

Our residency program welcomes emerging artists from all over the world to realise an individual, multiform project aligned with their artistic practice and preferences. The strategic timeframe aligns with the Cannes Film Festival, providing artists with a unique opportunity to thrive in an environment that resonates with creative excellence. 

Artists are invited to reflect on their practice, push their creative process and use the space offered by the location to develop and expand their ecosystem.

A series of curated events organised at the end of the residency leverage the crowd brought to the region by the film festival and Darmo's network of local collectors, patrons and institutions, to showcase the artist's newly produced works, create connections and new opportunities.

Exhibition: July

Period: 2-3 weeks

In July, a solo exhibition of the artist is curated, expanding the reach and exposure of the artist's practice. Timed with the high season on the French Riviera, the residency's artworks will be showcased to the public, with Darmo extending invitations to its extensive network cultivated over the past six years in the region.

Multiple partnerships are built every year to enhance the residency's impact on the artist's career.

2024 Resident Artist

aurèce vettier


Founded by Paul Mouginot in 2019, the aurèce vettier artistic studio is a continuous exploration between tangible space and the infinite dimensions of the virtual. Using algorithms and advanced mathematical processing, the artist creates new forms, later rendered into tangible objects, establishing a dialogue between traditional craftsmanship and the conceptual possibilities offered by technology. This residency will mark a significant milestone in his artistic research, allowing the expansion of his minimalist gesture through sculptures that defy the imagination.

The studio has quickly emerged as fertile ground for artistic innovation. Its collaboration with Vera Molnar in 2023, its triptych at the Ludwig Museum in Budapest for the Vera Molnar tribute exhibition in 2024, its significant contributions to the Mazarine Group's thirtieth-anniversary exhibition under the curatorship of Jérôme Sans, and the recognition from Gucci, which commissioned and acquired his works for their centenary, attest to his pioneering position in the contemporary art field.


«Latent Botanist» writing, an imaginary alphabet generated by AI from botanists’ notes.

We will make you bow to the delicate,

engraved sandstone tablets, AI generated alphabet,

burnt birch frame,

13 cm x 9 cm each,


Sculpture made in collaboration with Gilles & Boissier, bronze feet with AI-generated forms.

Image – aurèce vettier, « je t’aperçois » - l’anti-chambre et le cabinet botaniste, digital images & NFT, AV-2021-U-278


Object – aurèce vettier, le cabinet botaniste, sculpture in cedar wood and black patinated bronze legs, AI-generated forms, 180 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm, AV- 2021-U-275, in collaboration with Gilles & boissier, Exhibition at the Musée des Archives Nationales.

Screenshot 2024-03-07 at 14.26.22.png


(AV-2022-U-251, AV-2022-U-252, AV-2022-U-253, AV-2022-U-254, AV-2022-U-255), bronze sculpture, forms ge- nerated by AI, Exhibition at 91530 Le Marais, 2022,


Photo by Grégory Copitet

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