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20 rue Royale, 75008 Paris, France

Sep 26-29, 2019

Mon - Sun; 11am - 7pm


From September 26th to 29th, 2019, Darmo and Les Fleurs Studio will present Symbioses at the Galerie Gismondi. This pop-up exhibition will feature four young artists and a fashion designer, revealing the harmony between artists and location, technology and artistic technique, Contemporary and Antique. Raf Reyes (20 years old) and Pauline d'Andigné (21 years old), the two artists presented, will display a new series of works at Symbioses. Furthermore, two new artists will be introduced, Swann Ronné (23 years old) and Oussama Garti (23 years old). 

Swann Ronné is currently in his fifth year at the P2F workshop of the Beaux-Arts de Paris. Swann creates his works by leaving room to the instinctive and spontaneous before eliminating elements, giving rise to "portraits of the invisible”. 

Oussama Garti is a student at the Architectural Association (AA) School of Architecture in London. Born in Morocco and living in London, his multicultural background can be found in his pictorial exploration. Oussama stretches space, contorts and interprets it; he blends and combines colours in an intimate world to which he invites his audience. 

Raf Reyes, a University of Warwick graduate, will join the Royal College of Arts in London in September 2019 for his Master's degree in Contemporary Art Practice. Passionate about photography and new technologies, Raf has been creating digital collages for several years, developing a unique artistic style. He uses traditional and modern techniques, exploring the relationship between the classic and the trends of today. 

Pauline d'Andigné has just graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Paris and is pursuing her artistic studies this year at the Cooper Union in New York. Capturing the desirable and seductive through photography, she uses digital processing, cropping, and collages to transform the norms of fashion and luxury into intriguing works of art. While her creations refer to today's beauty standards, their decomposition creates a new universe from which Pauline shares the raw secrets of beauty.

Loyal to this idea of symbiosis, Darmo is pleased to present for the first time a collaboration with the Spanish designer Maria Bernad (24 years old) followed by over 350,000 people on social networks. Passionate about Romanticism and the Renaissance, Maria founded "Les Fleurs Studio", a brand with a soft aesthetic and sober colours. During her process of creation, Maria seeks vintage treasures to give these unique pieces a new life. Her work reveals the sustainable and timeless aspect of fashion. Les Fleurs Studio is in constant union with nature. The sea and its shells are at the core of her latest collections, and have become a characteristic element of the brand. Silk, satin and organza are recurring materials in her creations, both for their aesthetic and quality. 

In partnership with Epic Foundation, Darmo and Les Fleurs Studio will donate all the profits from the exhibition catalogue to the portfolio of organisations supported by Epic. Epic is a non- profit start-up with the aim of changing the lives of disadvantaged youth. They eliminate the obstacles that restrain generosity and direct the donations towards innovative social organisations to multiply their impact. Moreover, they search for new ways of giving so that sharing can be integrated naturally and untroubled into everyone’s daily life. All their services are free and all the money raised helps young people from the organisations in their portfolio. 

Symbioses will take place in the 600 sq. m. of the prestigious Galerie Gismondi in Paris. Galerie Gismondi specialises in furniture, objets d’art, paintings and decoration from the 17th to the 19th century. The gallery was founded in 1966 in Antibes. In 1981, Jean Gismondi bought the exhibition space on rue Royale in the 8th district of Paris. Located between the Église de la Madeleine and Place de la Concorde, Galerie Gismondi perpetuates the tradition of "curiosity merchants" where furniture and hard stone marquetry play a predominant role. Upon the passing of Jean Gismondi, his daughter Sabrina and Eric Reymond took over the management of the gallery. In 2018, Eric and his team completely transformed the gallery creating sumptuous spaces with ambiences that recall those of the Baroque and Rococo styles. Galerie Gismondi participates in a wide range of art fairs including TEFAF Maastricht, the Biennale de Paris and the Salon de l’Objet d’Art (SOA).

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