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Contemplations, Solo Show: Martin Faure

20 rue Royale, 75008 Paris, France

Sep 22 - Oct 22, 2022

Tue - Sat; 10am - 1pm, 3 - 7pm

Contemplations, Solo Show: Martin Faure

This fall, Darmo is delighted to present «Contemplations», an exhibition around the work of Martin Faure. Let this wonderful universe carry you away and come and contemplate these timeless works. The exhibition will be held from September 22 to October 22, 2022 in Paris.

Nature holds a very important place in Martin Faure’s work. His paintings offer dramatic landscapes, charged with poetic imagination and a slight realism in which architectural elements are found. By playing on the forms of nature, Martin Faure invites the viewer to contemplate the canvas and to reflect on the built nature of the things that surround him. In a nutshell, he questions contemporary society. His paintings intuitively crystallize the magic of his travels and the moments that captured his attention. Martin Faure’s paintings are a tribute to the natural and mystical beauty of living beings, revealing the moments that his gaze has kept in memory.

Dreams and the fantasy are prevalent themes in his work.Martin explores the duality of the fantasy world and thereal world, revealing in his paintings a sense of balanceconveyed by dreams. The skyline that he recreates is a gateway to dreaminess and poetry. His paintings take on an almost sacred dimension, they invite the viewer to enter his universe, mirroring a few harmonious inconsistencies from which comes a feeling of freedom. Martin Faure brings a magical look on parts of reality where characters and objects that, although without apparent links, cohabit in a harmoniously This association of heterogeneous elements encourages the viewer to create logical and rational links in an abnormally inhabited environment, where a balanced incoherence prevails.

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