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5th Anniversary of Darmo

20 rue Royale, 75008 Paris, France

Mar 2-25, 2023

Tue - Sat; 10am - 1pm, 2:30 - 7pm

5th Anniversary of Darmo

From March 2 to 25, 2023, Darmo is pleased to organize a retrospective exhibition to celebrate its five years of existence. 

The exhibition will bring together works by each artist with whom the gallery has collaborated since its creation: Pauline d'Andigné, Martin Faure, Oussama Garti, Vittoria Gerardi, 

Raf Reyes, Swann Ronné, 

aurèce vettier, as well as a selection of pieces from the second market.

What is the gallery's motto? To produce events that promote the talent, creativity and expertise of young contemporary creation. To assert current artistic expression as intrinsically linked to a form of power: initiated in the past, in touch with the present and capable of facing the future. 

A new dialogue between historical works and contemporary views. A response to the refined and historic architecture of the gallery at 20 rue Royale (75008), where a cohabitation allows to sublimate the modernity of the proposed art.

This event is a tribute and marks the deep gratitude of the Darmo establishment towards its artists and the different types of art supported.

An intimacy built and carefully maintained for five years with the artists. A hand-in-hand continuity with each of the seven artists for an authentic and loyal accompaniment. Advising and supporting contemporary artists, but also highlighting little-known periods or techniques of the modern masters, by proposing tailor-made exhibitions in emblematic and often unexpected places, in France and abroad.

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