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Javier Carro Temboury & Pauline d'Andigné


Pauline d'Andigné

Born in 1996 in France and graduated in 2021 from the Beaux-arts de Paris, Pauline d'Andigné lives and works in Paris. The artist's multidisciplinary practice explores the notions of desire, consumerism and visual bulimia through the collusion of different elements and materials that allows her to develop a body of polymorphous, and often ambiguous, work.

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Javier Carro Temboury

Javier Carro Temboury graduated with honours from the Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2021, earning him a residency in Vienna (spring 2022) and the Entry into the Friends of Fine Arts Collection award. Originally from Madrid, he has been based in Paris since 2015. 

His artistic practice is defined by an interplay of various techniques bridging craftsmanship and art. Particularly mindful of the persistence of a certain archaism, he excludes from his technical lexicon processes associated with "progress."

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