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Oussama Garti

b. 1995

About Oussama Garti was born in 1995 in Rabat, Morocco. He lives and works between London and Casablanca. Both an artist and architect, he studied at the Architectural Association (AA) School of Architecture in London. He is also the co-founder of Interval, a non-profit cultural initiative that aims to widen access to art, invite different actors to debate around a range of topics, and support projects with high social impact in the MENA region. His paintings are celebrations of colour, marked by polyphony, irregularity, abstraction, and the questioning of space. He stretches it, contorts it, interprets it. He reduces his brushstrokes to diffuse colours that rediscover others and merge into a new intimate world that he wants everyone to appropriate. "I am fascinated by the complexity of colour in a tiny reflection, the transparency levels of a cloud, the imprecise boundaries of spaces on the surface of a pond and the movement of water as a breeze passes." - Oussama Garti
CV Solo Exhibitions 2022 Ripples, Gismondi & Darmo, Paris, FR 2021 Tempo, XVA Gallery, Dubai, UAE 2018 Oussama Garti, Galerie Joseph, Paris, FR Group Exhibitions 2022 A Flavor of Darmo, Gismondi & Darmo, Antibes, FR 2021 Summer Exhibition, Gismondi & Darmo, Antibes, FR Darmo at The Coast, curated by Darmo, Grand Hotel Heiligendamm, Heiligendamm, DE 2020 Summer Exhibition, Gismondi & Darmo, Antibes, FR Darmo at The Coast, curated byDarmo, Grand Hotel Heiligendamm, Heiligendamm, DE (IM)PULSION, Interval, Casablanca, MA 2019 AFM-Telethon, France 2 & Drouot, Paris, FR Symbioses, Gismondi & Darmo, Paris, FR 2018 Métamorphoses, curated by Darmo, Gismondi & Darmo, Paris, FR Education Education 2014-2021 Architectural Association (AA) School of Architecture, London, UK 2013-2014 Atelier de Sèvres, Paris, France
Oussama Garti

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