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Martin Faure

b. 1991

About Born in 1991 to an American mother of Swedish-Irish descent and a French father from West Africa, Martin Faure grew up in Paris. In 2013, he enters the Beaux-Arts de Paris from which he graduates in 2018. In 2016, Martin moved to Cuba for a few months. There, he studied the landscapes and lights of this place of a thousand colors. This stay is a crucial turning point in his work. Shaking up his perception of the world, Martin asserts his painting, revealing disturbing atmospheres, the use of the motif and the awareness of rhythm. Today Martin lives between London and Havana and exhibits regularly in Paris. The different facets of his identity as well as his multiple trips contribute to his artistic fiber. Martin Faure gives a central place to nature. His paintings offer almost theatrical landscapes, charged with poetic imagination and a hint of realism in which we find architectural elements. Through this play on the different forms of nature, Martin Faure's paintings invite the viewer to contemplate the canvas and to reflect on the constructed nature of the things that surround us, in short, to question our society. His work intuitively crystallize the magic of his travels and the moments that captured his attention. It is a tribute to the natural and mystical beauty of living beings that Martin Faure renders through his paintings, revealing the moments that his gaze has kept in memory. Dreams and the imaginary are recurrent in the artist's work. Exploring the duality of the fantasy world and the real world, Martin reveals in his paintings a sense of balance carried by the dream. "He is not a painter, a musician, a dancer or a poet. Martin Faure is a whole without borders, where each facet could not reveal itself without the existence of the other. He is the fruit of a cultural melting pot.” - Anne-Laure Peressin, Art Critic
CV Solo Exhibitions 2023 Solo Show: Martin Faure, Gismondi & Darmo, Paris, FR 2022 Contemplations, Gismondi & Darmo, Paris, FR 2021 Transport commun - volet 1, Collection Société générale, Paris, FR Pollyanna, Maison Contemporain Gallery, Paris, FR Atelier impromptu, Résidence l’Escaut, Bruxelles, BE 2019 Paysages émergents, CROUS Gallery, Paris, FR Langues étrangères, École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA), Paris, FR 2017 Solo show, Les Beaux-Arts de Paris, FR Group Exhibitions 2023 5 years of Darmo, Gismondi & Darmo, Paris, FR 2022 Artis Natura Magistra #4, Domaine La Richardière, Lhomme, FR 2020 Contemporary art show, Maison Contemporain Gallery & Espace Bertrand Grimont, Paris, FR SORORITÉ, Cabane Georgina, Marseille, FR En Être, Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery, Pantin, FR Le pouvoir se charge de vous #3, Jeune Création, Paris, FR Contemporary art show, Bastille Design Center, Paris, FR Le pouvoir se charge de vous #2, Jeune Création, Paris, FR Un Joyeux Noël désorDonné, Galerie Odile Ouizeman, Paris, FR 2019 Novembre à Vitry, Vitry-sur-Seine, FR Group exhibition, Cubitt Gallery and Studios, London, EN 2018 Group exhibition, Stour Gallery, London, EN Group exhibition, Galerie Portfoin, Paris, FR Seuils, CROUS Gallery, Paris, FR Group exhibition, Left Gallery, Les Beaux-Arts de Paris, FR Group exhibition, Right Gallery, Les Beaux-Arts de Paris, FR Performances 2017 Sound performance & creation with Stephen O'Malley, Les Beaux-Arts de Paris, FR 2016 Realisation of a Painting for the set design on the movie "Fujita" Awards 2019 Selected for the “Novembre à Vitry” Painting Art Award Selected for a personal exhibition at the CROUS Gallery Selected for the Showakai Gallery Award Art Residencies 2021 Cabane Georgina, Marseille, FR Résidence l’Escaut, Bruxelles, BE 2020 Domaine La Richardière, Lhomme, FR Education 2013-2018 Master in Fine Arts at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Des Beaux-Arts de Paris
Martin Faure

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