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Kenza El Idrissi

b. 1998

About Born in 1998 in Casablanca, Kenza El Idrissi is a poet and embroiderer, an architect by profession, and a self-taught artist by passion. In fabric or on blank sheets, she embroiders her feelings and inks the eddies of her soul. With the words of poetry, she attempts to name the intangible and the immaterial, sketching the outlines of what is said in secret, revealing a glimpse of what plays out in bodies without always showing itself. With colors and fabrics, she mimics sensations, transfiguring them into delicate visual metaphors and charades. Through an aesthetic of detour and the enigmas of language, she stitches clues and compiles her emotions. In installations or in a notebook, she offers to entrust them, with delicacy and meticulousness, to whoever will attempt to decipher them. Her palette has been enriched, since she began collecting her "Love Experiments," with confidential words and pastel colors, diaphanous fabrics, and discreet needles. With these elements, she reveals, almost in a whisper, what it means to be a woman, to be in love and to be loved, to desire or to hope. Patiently, in an almost monastic silence, the artist strives to designate or conceal, signify or obfuscate, in fragments, always. Kenza El Idrissi likes to be discreet and play hide-and-seek, slipping into the interstices to better carve out a path, solitary but inviting, towards the intimate, like so many tracks to follow for those ready to embark on the adventure of introspection.
CV Duo Show 2023 Le reste est nuance : duo show Oussama Garti & Kenza El Idrissi, Gismondi & Darmo, Paris, FR
Kenza El Idrissi

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