What We Do


Through our art blog and events, we help the public further its knowledge and taste in contemporary art. Targeting anyone with a curious mind, our goal is to shed light on promising artists and build a new generation of art collectors. We work with blue-chip artworks and artists in our art advisory practice, and represent young emerging artists in our pop-up shows.


We help artists of our generation accelerate their emergence, gain exposure in the art market and build a strong foundation for their career. We work both online and offline, allowing artists to get in touch with the widest audience of enthusiasts and market actors.


We build a trust-based relationship with each artist, guiding each one of them along the development of their career. From their first sales to joining key institutions and galleries, we follow their progression and assist them through every step of the way. Advised by experts and industry leaders, we strive to create the best ecosystem for each artist.

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