b. 1998

Raf Reyes was born in 1998. After studying business at the University of Warwick, where he is permanently exhibited, he joined the prestigious Royal College of Arts (RCA) in London this year. This self-taught artist had his first successes on social networks, where he now spreads his creations and messages around the world.
Raf's art is characterized by his constant search for innovation and his rejection of rules. Both a passionate photographer and a creator of digital content, he navigates with finesse between different media of expression. Raf Reyes crosses between the lines and mixes the old with the new, exploring the fundamental relationship between the creator and his creation. His many sensibilities as well as his unique imagination allow him to deliver to his spectators the genesis of an art that cries out for truth, his own.
Lulled by street art, graffiti of all kinds and the advertising world, Raf Reyes' art is fueled by an almost punk non-conformism, where hip hop, American rap, "Do It Yourself" culture, skateboard and fashion are mixed. Raf's works have a unifying scope.
Raf Reyes' work aims to represent a world where all opposites would be harmoniously possible. Press plates, collages, photos, paintings, quotations, are all characteristic elements of his digital compositions. His works are accumulative, sporadic and poetic. Raf reverses notions of rigidity, conventional artistic norms, and explores emerging trends in digital art. His work is full of references, small Proust madeleines intended to trigger tropisms and reminiscences in the spectator. The resulting "photo-manipulations" are on the borderline of pop art, surrealism, or even baroque.
The multitudes of layers superimposed on Raf's works are like layers of a human mind: some reveal the obvious, while others hide dangerous secrets. This underlines an explicit desire to touch the unconscious. The artist then delivers a new perception of the challenges of his era, in which the machine is an additional way of creating, acting, and understanding the human. By always pushing the limits of his mastery of digital tools a little further, he undoubtedly elevates digital art to the same level as traditional art forms.
Raf Reyes is a committed artist. Through his creations, he creates opportunities to question the existence of the modern individual, the world in which he evolves and the consumer society he feeds. An advocate of a vision of art as a privileged way to change the world, he addresses the issues raised by and for his generation. Committed to glorifying those who fight for change, his work is evident in his character as a man of action, and makes him an artist of the present moment.

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