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Exhibition Catalogue - Opus Sectile

184 pages

All texts in French and English / Tous les textes en français et anglais


Table of contents :

Preface — Opus Sectile, from hardstone marquetry to aurèce vettier
Filippo Lorenzin — Making art within the junctures of nature
Beth Jochim — The Dreamlike Dimension of Data Space ; Artificial Intelligence between Creativity and Craftsmanship
aurèce vettier — you are a fragment of the mountain ; you cannot destroy it 

Katarzyna Cichy — "before anything, it was only a reflection of light" 

Galerie Gismondi / Darmo Art — Curators of the exhibition
Paul Mouginot — aurèce vettier studio
Acknowledgments / Colophon

Catalogue - Opus Sectile

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