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Some Big News & Exciting Projects

1. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Darmo Art develops its art advisory activity

Starting as an artist accelerator putting light on young and rising talents, Darmo Art took advantage of the global health crisis to focus on developing a new art advisory activity.

Working with collectors of all ages and profiles, Darmo Art pursues its aim to democratise art collecting. This new activity offers the possibility to collect works of all types and price ranges, from antiquities to contemporary art. The core of Darmo Art's advisory strategy is to continuously educate clients, allowing them to make the most informed decisions when developing their collections. Feel free to contact us for more information!

2. Salvatore Ferragamo selects Darmo Art to become curator of their new exhibition space Avenue Montaigne in Paris

Following a successful preview event at Salvatore Ferragamo's 1,000 sq. m. flagship store in Paris presenting Raf Reyes' work, Darmo Art becomes curator of a new dedicated exhibition space at 45 Avenue Montaigne (75008) in Paris.

Alexis de Bernede and Marius Jacob-Gismondi will work closely with Ferragamo's teams to create unique environments, symbiotically allying fashion pieces with artworks.

The first show is under preparation, and will be announced in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

3. Darmo Art supports Interval, a social impact initiative developing the Moroccan art scene on a global scale

Darmo Art is pleased to announce its support to Interval.

Interval is a Moroccan-born initiative aiming to improve access to art, support up-and-coming artists, and conduct socially driven actions.

Interval's first action, IM(PULSION) consists in an online group show, followed by a physical exhibition and a series of conversations around the concepts of identity and culture. IM(PULSION) gathers numerous actors of the art world, and presents a variety of artists; some emerging like Oussama Garti, others with a growing international representation such as Mohamed Lekleti, or even blue-chip artists such as Yto Barrada represented by Pace Gallery.

Interval will donate a significant portion of its revenues to Institute Tahar Sebti (ITS), a non-profit organisation and inclusive school, welcoming children in vulnerable and/or disabled situations.

The online show takes place on TheOpenCrate and lasts until the 22nd of September 2020.

Contact us with any related enquiry!

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