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Newsletter - Winter 2018-2019

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

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We, at Darmo Art would like to wish you an amazing 2019, full of happiness, good health and success.

2019 will be full of opportunities for Darmo Art. Currently working on new partnerships for the months to come, Darmo Art is: continuing to establish its emerging artists in the market, and expanding to new modern and contemporary artists.

New Artists, To Enhance Your Collections

Since our inception, our aim has always been two-sided: (1) help create new art collectors, and (2) help young artists emerge.

We help our clients go through every step of the journey to becoming true collectors:

- Discover Art, through our Instagram contemporary art blog

- Learn about major events and happenings in the art market

- Start collecting, starting from a low budget

Until today, this last point "start collecting" was restricted to young, emerging artists. Yet, being collectors ourselves, we know that building a collection is not limited to one single type of art. It is often recommended to diversify your collection while keeping an implicit "dialogue" between your artworks.

We are pleased to introduce 3 new artists, who we will start selling through limited edition prints and multiples to keep prices affordable for all new collectors.

All three are similar in the way that they are abstract artists. However, they all make a different use of abstraction and show a different interpretation of abstraction.

1. Genevieve Claisse: "My vocabulary is open to the research of movement – and of multiple spaces – which animates the plan of the painted surface. The circle and the triangle, addressed one after the other and separately, are my favorite topics of serial compositions where the extreme simplicity of the shapes is transfigured by the intensity, every time different of the color relationship"

Germaine Greer, The Obstacle Race: The Fortunes of Women Painters and Their Work, Tauris (1979)

2. Wolff Buchholz uses much rounder shapes, and often makes abstract portraits in which the viewer can only decipher the subjects by looking at works from a distance.

His abstraction is much more organic and can often be assimilated to an abstraction of flowers, landscapes or people.

3. Marcello Morandini is an Italian architect and artist. His works, often characterized as kinetic art, have a clear architectural influence.

"All my works of art are born under the sign of architecture; the whole design sector can largely be defined as architecture for everyday use." His style is characterized by the use of black and white, "simple colors that allow you to focus on the form rather than on superficial aesthetics ". 

These artists are now established on the art market and have entered important collections. The similarities and differences between all three styles of abstraction make them a perfect way to build upon a current collection, or start collecting established artists. Please keep in mind that not all works are available on the website. For any enquiries, feel free to contact us on works available and collections. We are looking forward to hearing from you all! And in the meanwhile... have a lovely beginning of 2019! All the best from the entire Darmo Art team.

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