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Newsletter - Fall 2018

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

6 months after our first exhibition, Darmo Art has many exciting news for you. Find out more about the firm, the team and what our artists are becoming!

Métamorphoses - left to right: Marius Jacob-Gismondi, Pauline d'Andigné, Raf Reyes, Alexis de Bernede


After weeks of preparation, interviews and TV reports in media such as BFM TV, La Gazette Drouot and The Art Newspaper, Darmo Art welcomed 300+ guests to its’ first exhibition opening Métamorphoses at Galerie Gismondi. This event presented two young artists from different backgrounds, Raf Reyes and Pauline d’Andigné.

Raf Reyes, already a social media success with his art accounts @surreality and @raf.reyes, won over the public with his digital collages, representing his modern greek goddesses and challenging society’s norms and standards. Reyes used his digital skills to challenge the viewers subconscious to think about society and its faults. Every time a viewer looks at an artwork created by Reyes, he/she discovers something new. This is the incredible way Reyes, while seeding these ideas into their minds, manages to make the viewer believe it is independent of his work. All his unique works were sold and he is now working on his next triptych, also to be sold by Darmo Art.

Pauline d’Andigné also captured the interest of many, her photographic collages creating fantasy worlds with hints to an homage of Métamorphoses' very own location: Galerie Gismondi. Andigné’s work was inevitably looked at twice. Her collages created a sense of mystery as the viewer worked his/her way through forests, and rooms, discovering sculptures and nude bodies between these. She, furthermore, added interesting artworks on aluminium or mirrored paper, seemingly trapping the Gallery's antique and therefore timeless beauty into these contemporary works. The artist moreover allowed herself to be inspired by this surrounding to play with the viewers mind as they could find several works that the gallery had presented downstairs, in her collages. Most of her artworks were sold and her captivating mix of flowers, chandeliers and curved bodies will be remembered by all.

While the audience was a mix of friends and families, some important art collectors and journalists were present as well. This enabled a very diverse public and the meeting of two worlds. An event in such a beautiful and special location as the Galerie Gismondi, combined with our artists modern works, indeed metamorphosed, creating a beautiful as well as interesting atmosphere pleasant to all. Reyes and Andigné had the opportunity to present their work to big art collectors, ultimately achieving our goal: introducing new, young artists to the art world.

Darmo Art is proud to say that our artists works have joined immense collections, while also been purchased by new collectors of our young generation.

Darmo Art, development of B2B activites

Lorenzo Quinn Support Sculpture ; credit:

Art is among the only traces of the past, from antique caves with walls of art, to enormous art installations in cities all over the world such as the famous Lorenzo Quinn Support sculpture, art has always been a means to tell various stories from different periods in time.

The French government believes in this power of culture, and strives to keep art as a core component of society. To assure the consistency of art in our daily lives, firms are encouraged to exhibit artworks in their premises for employees to be exposed to and enjoy. As Art continuously provides not only beauty and comfort but also enables the development of an open and receptive mind, employees can only benefit from spending their days surrounded by pieces of art.

Thus Darmo Art, confident in the advantages present in such a mindset, is developing an entire department dedicated to Business-to-Business sales.

In order to expedite this idea, the French government has created a legislation allowing firms to deduct up to 5‰ of their turnover when purchasing contemporary artworks. The artwork must be presented in a public space in the offices, and is deducted over a 5 year period. Moreover, the works also represent company assets which can then be kept or sold.

Darmo Art represents carefully selected emerging artists, and showcases them at their very first price. These talents have a long and prosperous career ahead of them and may appraise over time, providing potential capital appreciation opportunities to both firms and customers. Through this new branch, Darmo Art hopes to popularise Art in work places, while benefiting all the relevant parties.

Raf Reyes

Following a year long travels around Asia, Reyes has developed his vision of society, and the philosophy behind the world we live in. Being a prime example of an emerging artist seeking inspiration in the past and the world around us, Reyes has decided to create a new dimension in his works by adding knowledge of cultures from all over the world. Ultimately, he allows his work to become a symbiosis of inspirations from all times, places and cultures. Scroll down for a few "teasers" of Raf Reyes' upcoming works!

Furthermore, Raf Reyes is not restricted to fine art as the only means of expressing his inspirations and artistic vision. Being a major fashion enthusiast, Reyes has both collected and developed custom fashion pieces. Sharing his passion with like-minded people, Reyes’ works have been recognised by influential figures in the fashion industry. Most recently, Raf Reyes met Virgil Abloh (Creative Designer of Louis Vuitton Homme, Off-White, Pyrex; Artist at Gagosian Gallery in collaboration with Takashi Murakami; and DJ is globally known clubs and festivals), who shared one of Reyes’ work to his 3.2million instagram followers.

Pauline d'Andigné

Pauline d’Andigné is in her third year at the Beaux-Art de Paris. Since Métamorphoses, Pauline has participated in a variety of group and University shows.

Independently from preparing her graduate show, Pauline has created her very own fashion brand starting with a t-shirt line. Using and playing with a large variety of graphic processes, the elegant ensemble gathers designs repeated through the collection in different colours and shades (t-shirt colour / flocked design colour) which react differently according to the light the t-shirts are exposed to. Starting from vegetal forms, Pauline transforms these shapes and colours, leading to a newly created graphic element.

Marius Jacob-Gismondi

Furthering his goal of being a value-adding, and multi-disciplinary player to the art world, Marius has joined the dual-BA Ecole du Louvre - Université Jean Moulin, in History of Arts and Law. The diploma will provide Marius with a complete understanding of previous, and current states and evolutions of the art market, while giving him the best tools to introduce the art market to new perspective and new heights.

In the last few months, Marius has worked closely with the prestigious French auction house Cornette de Saint-Cyr, providing them with his expertise on a series of Modern & Contemporary Art research matters.

Marius’ current focus for Darmo Art regards artist research, and B2B development. He also advises Darmo Art’s artists on different strategic subjects.

Alexis de Bernède

Alexis is currently spending the year between New York and Hong Kong with the aim of increasing Darmo Art’s exposure and impact across the globe. According to him, the power of Darmo Art is to be detached from any geographical anchor. This mobility of the firm creates a powerful asset which must be used to its full potential.

While developing operations abroad, Alexis develops the firms’ private sales in France, the rest of Europe and abroad.

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