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2019 - It's a wrap!

The entire Darmo Art team sends you their best wishes for the year to come!

2019 was a successful year, full of exciting projects and collaborations. We are happy to share with you this short recap of some of our highlights!

1. Raf Reyes at the Royal College of Art, Exhibitions and Performances

This year, Raf has joined the MA Contemporary Art Practice at the Royal College of Arts in London. He has participated in group shows in the school, to exhibit his cutting-edge collages and works inspired by the digital world.

More recently, Raf Reyes undertook a performance at Fluctuart, the Urban Arts Center in Paris, during a collaboration with Maison Eros.

2. Pauline d'Andigné, selected for the 'Jeune Création' prize of the Fondation FIMINCO

Pauline was selected by the Jeune Création organization to participate in this year's edition of the contest. This 69th edition of the contest, will lead to a contemporary art group show at the Fondation FIMINCO to support young artists. Pauline is part of the 57 selected artists (among over 1,400 applications). The group show will present works from 15 different countries and will take place end of January 2020.

3. Two new artists joined us: Swann Ronné and Oussama Garti!

Two new artists have joined us this year. Swann Ronné is currently at the Beaux-Arts of Paris, and Oussama Garti a young Moroccan artist and architect who currently lives and works in London. Both artists got involved in our adventure to participate in our last exhibition, Symbioses, in September 2019.

4. Symbioses

Symbioses took place at the prestigious antiquities dealer, Galerie Gismondi, in the heart of Paris. From September 26th to September 29th, Darmo Art presented 4 artists, over 3 floors of exhibition space, mixing antiquities with contemporary works. Over 1,000 art collectors, enthusiasts, and professionals came over the 4 days to see the works of Raf Reyes, Pauline d'Andigné, Swann Ronné and Oussama Garti, but also to see the stunning collection of Maria Bernad our partner for the show.

For Symbioses, Darmo Art and Les Fleurs Studio have published their first exhibition catalog (ISBN: 978-2-9569846-0-3 26).

5. Collaboration with Maria Bernad, Creative director of Les Fleurs Studio

During Symbioses, we partnered with Spanish influencer and designer Maria Bernad. Maria presented the SS20 collection of her brand Les Fleurs Studio. Maria organized her fashion show inside the gallery space and showcased a series of handmade sustainable pieces using delicate materials like silk, organza, and even pearls.

6. Partnership with Epic Foundation

Darmo Art and Les Fleurs Studio have donated all the profits from the exhibition catalogue to the portfolio of organisations supported by Epic Foundation. Epic is a nonprofit start-up with the aim of changing the lives of disadvantaged youth. They eliminate the obstacles that restrain generosity and direct the donations towards innovative social organisations to multiply their impact. Moreover, they search for new ways of giving so that sharing can be integrated naturally and untroubled into everyone’s daily life. All their services are free and all the money raised helps young people from the organisations in their portfolio.

7. Partnership with AFM-Téléthon

For this year's edition of the Téléthon, Darmo Art partnered with France 2 to donate artworks for the charity auction organized by Drouot.

The auction alone raised 300,000 € and the Téléthon broke its fundraising record with over 74 million € raised to fund medical research for rare diseases.

The artworks were co-donated with Oussama Garti and Raf Reyes, who graciously chose to support the AFM-Telethon organization. These efforts were rewarded with the works exceeding performance expectations during the sale!

A huge thank you to everyone who helped make this happen.

8. Our artists joined collections from 12 different countries!

Darmo Art continuously strives to expand across borders and reach clients from all over the world.

Our contemporary artists have now joined private and corporate collections from: France, Italy, Monaco, Austria, Norway, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, United States, Luxembourg, Belgium, Seychelles, Columbia!

We are excited to see where else our artists and artworks will travel!

2019 was a fantastic year, and it was just a warm up for all that is coming in 2020.

We look forward to welcoming you to our upcoming events!



The Darmo Art Team

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