b. 1997

Pauline d'Andigné is a graduate of the Beaux-Arts de Paris. Currently on exchange at the Cooper Union in New York (USA), she continues to develop an incisive, sharp, and finely aesthetic art. Her photographs capture reality, her digital processes distort it and create a new artistic universe, in which the almost perceptible and suggestions play a major role.
In her work, Pauline d'Andigné tries to use seduction modes inherent in advertising images, giving them a new materiality. It is in fact a question of transferring the desirability specific to the world of fashion and luxury to its artistic productions. Digital technology, and more precisely the superposition of images from different regimes on Photoshop, allows the artist to associate distinct universes, which are impossible to mix.
These images then become a digitised organic material which, like ornamental productions, is applicable to different formats and types of media. Cropées, vegetalized, multiplied, scanned; each of his images can then be reused infinitely within this same system. 
However, some elements of Pauline d'Andigné's photographs remain recognizable, thus creating bridges between the reality she reveals and the world around us. As in advertising, through this "reality coding", it is a matter of suggesting rather than revealing.

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