b. 1995

Oussama Garti was born on October 2, 1995 in Rabat, Morocco. He now lives between London and Casablanca.
The artist's childhood is marked by many journeys, exile, returns and new departures. So many elements that constitute his sensitivity, as well as his pictorial and architectural exploration. During this period, the self-taught young man already developed an appetite for art and made his first drawings. He sold his first painting at auction at the age of 14.

After learning the classical pictorial techniques, he studied at the workshop in Sèvres. He then joined the prestigious Architectural Association School of Architecture in London. There, he works on international projects, which will give him rigour, openness and creativity. Sensitive to social issues, he explores an architecture capable of reconciling and uniting. Oases, in the cities.

Little by little, painting is taking up more and more space in Osama's artistic journey. His paintings are celebrations of colour, marked by polyphony, irregularity, abstraction, and the questioning of space. He stretches it, contorts it, interprets it. He reduces his brushstrokes to diffuse colours that rediscover others and merge into a new intimate world that he wants everyone to appropriate.

"I am fascinated by the complexity of colour in a tiny reflection, the transparency levels of a cloud, the imprecise boundaries of spaces on the surface of a pond and the movement of water as a breeze passes. " - Oussama Garti

Osama Garti frequently returns to his studio in Casablanca, whose singular light continues to fascinate him. It does not represent, but superimposes and confuses to find these captivating elements. 

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