For Marius, art is a family affair. Born into a family of antiquity dealers, he grew up rocked by a love of beauty and knowledge. Very quickly, Marius became aware of his vocation, and asserted himself as a young actor in the art market. He then joined the double curriculum between the Université Paris-Saclay and the École du Louvre, in law and art history, in order to become an auctioneer.

Over the years, and through learning, Marius' passion has been confirmed and his tastes refined. Although he has a strong interest in ancient art, it is contemporary art that carries his generation. Determined to promote the work of young contemporary artists, he wishes to open up the contemporary art market to them through a process of democratization and networking. Marius wants to mark his time and aspires to democratize and promote accessible art.

It is in this process that he joined forces with Alexis de Bernède, his childhood friend, with whom he shares passions and ambitions. Together, they have been able to develop privileged relationships with their artists as well as with their clients, keeping human relationships and creativity at the epicenter of their project.