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b. 1948

Kyosuke Tchinai

Courtesy: Galerie Tamenaga

Kyosuke Tchinai (b. Namikata Ohchi, Japan, 1948) studied fine art at the National University of Fine Arts and Music in Tokyo and received the "Excellence Prize" at the Japanese Young Artists exhibition in 1988.


Tchinai has exhibited extensively in Japan, including a solo exhibition at the Nakata Museum in 2003 and a retrospective at the Ehime Fine Art Museum in 2007. European exhibitions include the Pavillon des Arts et du Design, in Paris; the 2011 Paris Art Fair; and the 2012 BRAFA in Brussels.


His work can be found in various museum collections in Japan (in Aichi, Imabari City, Saitama and Kariya City) and in the US, as well as in private collections.


Tchinai has also illustrated a children's book, "Les chants de ma naissance," written by world famous trumpet player, Toshinori Kondo, published by Fukuinkan Shoten (Japan, 2007).

Tchinai held his first solo European exhibition, Tchinai Poésie Orientale, in 2002, at Galerie Taménaga in Paris. He has since exhibited there four times. This is his first exhibition in Great Britain.

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