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1893 - 1983


Joan Miro is one of the major figures of surrealism. Initially inspired by the Fauvists, Cubists and Expressionists, he quickly freed himself from all influence and began his original, dreamlike, strange work. Today recognizable among a thousand, his work does not bend to any requirement, nor to any aesthetic, nor to any method. His drawing is of incomparable flight, his colors daring, his taste without fail.

"For me, Miró is the greatest freedom. Something more aerial, freer, lighter than anything I had ever seen. Miró could not drop a dot without dropping it just right. He was so truly a painter that all he had to do was leave three spots of color on the canvas for it to exist and be a painting."

- Alberto Giacometti, March 1959 (remarks collected by Pierre Schneider in his article "Miró").

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