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1882 - 1963


Georges Braque began his work influenced by Impressionism, before being influenced by Fauvism. In 1907, meeting Pablo Picasso marked a turning point for him: together, the two friends founded Cubism, a major artistic movement of the last century. Characterized by the need to explore new pictorial spaces and by the desire to break away from classicism, cubism abandons perspective and composes with geometric forms, bursts of volume and monochrome. In 1914, Georges Braque left for the war. It was the end of his friendship with Picasso, and of his cubist work.

"Braque simply incorporated himself into his painting. He slipped into his paintings like an expression in a vocabulary. Like a peasant resting after following the design of nature that followed so well the path his hand traced for him." Antoine Tudal, 1963.

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