Drippy, Duo Show: Pauline d’Andigné & Swann Ronné

Tue - Sat; 10am - 1pm, 3 - 7pm

Aug 15 - 21, 2022

Chateau Saint-Georges, Grasse, France

Drippy, Duo Show: Pauline d’Andigné & Swann Ronné

This summer, from August 15 to 22, Darmo presents "Drippy" at the Château Saint Georges in Grasse. Let yourself be carried away by the singular universes of Swann Ronné and Pauline d'Andigné. This duo show will offer a synergy of works dialoguing between them, crystallizing the meeting of their two practices, between painting, sculpture and installation.
More than twenty monumental pieces will be present, taking advantage of the eight meters high ceiling of the castle's rooms.

Both delicate and powerful, repulsive and intoxicating, Pauline's works blur the boundaries between the deformed and the graceful. The artist offers an alternative to the conflict of the beautiful and the ugly; by juxtaposing elements that are a priori incompatible, she gives birth to harmonious pictorial compositions, of an irresistible sensuality, that she can then decline to infinity. Pauline d'Andigné brilliantly appropriates the codes of advertising to seduce and arouse desire.

Swann Ronné, works on the association of heterogeneous elements: colored forms, lines, letters and undecided figures. His paintings are composed by elimination, the artist keeps only the essential to concretize/suggest the feeling of emptiness. The result is works made of conflicting spaces, often fragmented, almost "de-compositions". Swann Ronné questions the process of covering in painting, he approaches it as a technical and artistic gesture. The artist solicits the imagination and the unconscious of the spectator by playing with chance and suggestion.
Visitors will be invited to immerse themselves in a Neptunian world made of monumental works specially created to sublimate the majestic rooms of the palace.

"Drippy" takes place in the heart of the world capital of perfume: the Château Saint Georges de Grasse. This 19th century residence, once known as "The Little Versailles of the French Riviera", was built for Léon Chiri, a famous perfumer from Grasse. This historical place offers the ideal setting for an exhibition that will be an experience for the art as much as for the location. The Château Saint-Georges aims to become a reference point for art, culture and know-how in the region. This first exhibition marks the beginning of this adventure.