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1921 - 1998


César is a sculptor of the New Realism. Marble, traditionally used, was too expensive, so César's preferred materials were iron and metal. Well known for his compressions, his work is also full of human or animal figures, directly related to the works of old masters. An artist and craftsman, he creates his own tools, abandoning the machine in favor of a unique know-how, which constitutes the identity and essence of his work.

"I made a tribute to Picasso because I loved Picasso. I knew him well and I loved him. I love the man and his genius as an artist, and I admire the sculptor, Pablo is a Centaur on two legs. For me, the theme of the Centaur is the great theme of classical statuary, that of the great equestrian monuments from which I worked when I was a student at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, in front of the plaster casts of the Hall of the Antiques" - César

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