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Swann Ronné

b. 1995

About Born in Caen in 1995, lives and works in Paris. Swann Ronné obtained the DNAP in 2017 at the École Supérieure d'Arts et Médias de Caen/Cherbourg. He then joined the P2F workshop (Bernard Piffaretti, Sylvie Fanchon, Dominique Figarella) at the Beaux-Arts de Paris. He obtained his diploma in 2021. Swann Ronné's work has been selected for the Prix des Amis des Beaux-Arts de Paris, the Prix IESA Juvenars, the Prix de Peinture Novembre in Vitry and the first edition of CRUSH at the Beaux-Arts de Paris. His work is regularly presented in Paris, recently at the Galerie du Crous, the Galerie Joseph and the Galerie Gismondi. In 2022, Swann Ronné received the Roger Bataille Painting Prize. "I like to mix genres, circulate between practices, make worlds communicate, extract a sign from the spontaneous.” - Swann Ronné Swann Ronné's practice consists in mixing heterogeneous elements: colored shapes, lines and figures, are all the traces that give Swann a foundation to compose a painting without a subject per se. Above all concerned with resolving formal questions: organization of the surface, appearance and disappearance of form, Swann takes from the heart of the insipid and finds matter in any accidental form. He composes his paintings by elimination and keeps only the essential: the result is a portrait of emptiness, of something that no longer exists, and the feeling that remains from it. Swann Ronné questions the emergence of form. He observes and is inspired the marks left by those who wander around him. The artist likes to play with chance, which allowing him to appeal to the imagination and the unconscious of the viewer. Swann Ronné depicts a universe between order and chaos, from which innumerable plastic signs emerge and sink. In his work, he experiments and questions the essence of painting: what is the relationship between form and substance? Are spontaneity and precision opposed? What tension exists between all-over and composition? The result of this reflection is made up of conflicting spaces, often fragmented; almost "decompositions". His search for balance between the abstract and the figurative allows him to question his perceptions of reality, imagination and beauty.
CV Solo Exhibitions 2021 The Dust Is Under the Carpet and It Will Come Back Again, [TDIUTCAIWCBA],DNSAP, ENSBA Paris, FR Hide to reveal, Darmo, Paris, FR 2018 I’m Now a Franche Pinteur, DNA Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, FR. Group Exhibitions 2023 5 years of Darmo, Gismondi & Darmo, Paris, France 2022 Drippy, Duo Show : Pauline d’Andigné & Swann Ronné, curated by Darmo, Chateau Saint-Georges, Grasse, FR A Flavor of Darmo, Gismondi & Darmo, Antibes, FR Juré, Craché, Duo-show with Eliot Anderson, Galerie du Crous, Paris, FR 2021 SYNESTHESIA, curated by Paul Ivernel, Galerie Joseph, Paris, FR CRUSH, select. by Xavier Franceschi,Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, FR Darmo at The Coast, curated by Darmo, Grand Hotel Heiligendamm, Heiligendamm, DE 2020 Image Objet, Objet Image, curated by Caisa Sandgren & Louise Vendel, Atelier Flamme, Montreuil, FR 2019 Symbioses, Gismondi & Darmo, Paris, FR Swann Ronné & Eliot Anderson, Duo Show, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, FR 2018 Fenêtre / Fenster, curated by Dominique Figarella, HFBK Hamburg, DE New Layers, curated by Sophie Deltombe & Laurie Mortreuil, L’Annexe, Artist run space, Paris, FR Novembre à Vitry, Prix de peinture, Galerie Municipale Jean Collet, Vitry-sur-Seine Prix Juvenars, Prix artistique, IESA Paris, FR Prix des Amis des Beaux-Arts de Paris, Chapelle des petits-Augstins, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, FR Awards 2023 Prix de la Fondation Zao Wou-Ki 2022 Prix de peinture Roger Bataille Education 2018-2021 DNA & DNSAP (MFA) - Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts de Paris (ENSBA), FRAtelier P2F (Bernard Piffaretti, Sylvie Fanchon, Dominique Figarella) 2014-2017 DNAP (BFA) - Ecole Superieure d’Arts et Medias de Caen / Cherbourg (ESAM), FR
Swann Ronné

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