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aurèce vettier

since 2019

About aurèce vettier is an artistic collective founded by Paul Mouginot in 2019. The collective aims at understanding how relevant and meaningful interactions with machines and algorithms can be achieved, in order to push the boundaries of creative processes. "The works we produce are the result of a number of forth-and-back trips between the “real” space that we all share, where we can draw, paint, sculpt, break, erase; and the “data” space, where we can play with more dimensions than we can cope with. In this data space, which can involve AI algorithms or heavy mathematical processing we expand the possibilities, explore new forms that we can project back in reality. We then provide new propositions, at the cost of accepting to lose a little bit of information when projecting back in the real space." – Paul Mouginot Experimentation - both physical and digital - is crucial in the collective’s practice, as well as the idea of creating bridges or taking part to exchanges and collaborations. Paul was born in 1990, he is an engineer and graduated from CentraleSupélec (France) and ESCP-Europe in 2014. He has been contributing to the art section of Purple Diary since 2013. aurèce vettier is based in Paris, France.
CV Solo Exhibitions 2021 Opus Sectile, Gismondi & Darmo, Paris, FR Group Exhibitions 2022 Ground Odyssey, Le Marais, Val-Saint-Germain, FR Tellus Meta, Fondation Brownstone, Paris, FR TEFAF Maastricht Booth, Gismondi, Maastricht, NE Sillons, Association Fertile Art, Paris, FR 2021 Latent Botanist Writings, Gilles & Boissier, Paris FR Liminal Territories, curated by Filippo Lorenzin, pal-project, Paris, FR 2020 Programme Spécial, curated by Gaël Charbeau & Yvannoe Kruger, La Méditerranée, Poush, Paris, FR Residencies 2022 Kinono Art Gathering, Tinos, GR Château du Marais, Val-Saint-Germain, FR 2021 GLITCH, Château du Feÿ, FR Awards 2020 Grand Prix, AI.ART Gallery Award, KR Public and Private Collections Gucci Collection, Paris, FR Museum of Contemporary Digital Art (MoCDA), Venice, IT Publications 2021 Opus Sectile: from hardstone marquetry to aurèce vettier, Elisabeth Jochim, Filippo Lorenzin, Paul Mouginot, Katarzyna Cichy, published by Darmo (ISBN: 978-2-9569846-1-0)
aurèce vettier

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