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aurèce vettier

since 2019

About aurèce vettier is an art project founded in 2019 by Paul Mouginot (b. 1990). This alias, formed using an algorithm, is a metaphor for the desire for a collaborative, open and hybrid approach. This identity, like all of aurèce vettier’s work, allows for a lot of back and forth between the «real» space in which it is possible to exist, to draw, paint, sculpt, break, erase; and the «data» space, where it is possible to play with more dimensions than a human can grasp - a gesture analogous to uploading and then downloading an image over and over again on an online platform. In this virtual space, which may involve AI algorithms or heavy mathematical processing, aurèce vettier explores new forms, which are then deployed as tangible objects, in close connection with many crafts. The approach is not to consider the machine-generated elements as a set of finished works, but rather as raw material expanding conceptual possibilities and complementing the initial knowledge of art history. Poetry is the backbone of aurèce vettier’s entire practice, whose first work was to publish a book of poetry in collaboration with a machine. Without ever replacing the artist, the algorithms thus served as a camp aid, generating raw material that was subsequently assembled by hand. Continuing a research begun in the 1950s by the first artists to use generative approaches, aurèce vettier has observed that the more sophisticated the technologies become, the more fragile the works they ge- nerate become. This specific and haunting gesture, this perpetual journey between the real and virtual worlds, is now deployed in many territories in a minimal gesture. This specific and haunting gesture, this perpetual journey between the real and the virtual world, is now deployed in many territories in a minimal gesture. Thus, the Potential Herbariums series is made up of oil paintings, bronze sculptures or digital works representing impossible forms of plants dreamed up by artificial intelligences, which could have been found on the slopes of Mount Analogue, the mythical mountain of René Daumal’s unfinished work.
CV Solo Exhibitions 2022 Circular Ruins, curated by: Dayneris Brito, Gismondi & Darmo, Paris, FR 2021 Opus Sectile, Gismondi & Darmo, Paris, FR Group Exhibitions 2024 Le Travail des Rêves, part of Bright Moments Paris AI Collection, Bigaignon, Paris, FR À la Recherche de Vera Molnár, Ludwig Museum, Budapest, HU 2023 AD.VM.AV.IA, curated by: Vincent Baby, Le Transfo Emmaüs Solidarité, Paris, FR 5 years of Darmo, Gismondi & Darmo, Paris, FR 2022 Ground Odyssey, Le Marais, Val-Saint-Germain, FR Tellus Meta, Fondation Brownstone, Paris, FR TEFAF Maastricht Booth, Gismondi, Maastricht, NE Sillons, Association Fertile Art, Paris, FR 2021 Latent Botanist Writings, Gilles & Boissier, Paris FR Liminal Territories, curated by Filippo Lorenzin, pal-project, Paris, FR 2020 Programme Spécial, curated by Gaël Charbeau & Yvannoe Kruger, La Méditerranée, Poush, Paris, FR Residencies 2022 Kinono Art Gathering, Tinos, GR Château du Marais, Val-Saint-Germain, FR 2021 GLITCH, Château du Feÿ, FR Awards 2020 Grand Prix, AI.ART Gallery Award, KR Public and Private Collections Gucci Collection, Paris, FR Museum of Contemporary Digital Art (MoCDA), Venice, IT Publications 2024 On NFTs. Collector's Edition, Robert Alice, published by Taschen Vera Molnár, B. Chauveau, published by Centre Pompidou 2022 Circular Ruins; aurèce vettier, Dayneris Brito, Alexis Beaulieu, Henri Guette, Livia Dewachter-Brialy, Vincent Lubelli, Robbie Barrat, published by Darmo (ISBN 978-2-9569846-1-0) 2021 Opus Sectile: from hardstone marquetry to aurèce vettier; Elisabeth Jochim, Filippo Lorenzin, Paul Mouginot, Katarzyna Cichy, published by Darmo (ISBN: 978-2-9569846-1-0) Futura Próxima curated for Gucci, Designed by Paris-based design studio Ohlman Consorti, Contributor: aurèce vettier, published by A Magazine
aurèce vettier

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