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1901 - 1966


Alberto Giacometti is probably one of the major artists of the last century. Subtly influenced by the cubists, then by the surrealists, he creates slender sculptures, tormented sketches. His works try to reflect the reality of bodies, without interpreting reality, but trying to resemble it, simply. He observes his model and copies him; this attitude being in absolute contradiction with the trends and research of the time. The closer Giacometti gets to the truth of an object or subject, the deeper the void that separates him from it, and the more acute the feeling of this separation becomes. There is in Giacometti an instinct for cruelty, a need for destruction that conditions his creative activity. 

"Giacometti draws to see and cannot see anything without drawing (...) never is a form immobilized by a circle, stopped by isolated and sure lines." - Jacques Dupin

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